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  • 23 October at 10:55 from facebook

    This sweet little person turns 5 years old today. This picture was taken 2years, he has growing into an animated and vibrant your boy. His Dad and I are so proud of our funny and bright son❤ #5year

  • 23 October at 10:51 from facebook

    Rest day is apart of the training and success Look after yourself and steer away from burn out #restday #takeamoment #enjoythelittlethings

  • 19 October at 11:44 from facebook

    Weekend bliss is doing something that soothes your soul and inspires mental and physical energy #suptime #paddleboarding #weekendvibes

  • 18 October at 17:56 from facebook

    Lean into it and see what happens for you 💪 #strongerthanyouthink #courageovercomfort #mindandbodybalance

  • 17 October at 08:35 from facebook

    Ladies having a blast at our Beach Camp spot this morning 🌄 #weekendvibes #fitnessmotivation #beachfitness

  • 16 October at 18:39 from facebook

    Promoting kindness and aroha - love ego and intellect Speak up and stand up to bulling💞 #standagainstbullying #ifyoudonthaveanythingnicetosaydontsayanythingatall #respectyourself

  • 16 October at 18:30 from facebook

    Natural back drop for our in person and online one Beach Camp today..... ah it was awesome👍😎 #beachfitness #beachcamp #epicview

  • 15 October at 10:59 from facebook

    I promise ❤ #healthdreams #yougotthis #perserverance

  • 14 October at 08:30 from facebook

    We had some friendly visitors at So Inspired Fitness Beach Camp this morning 🤭 #newzealandfitness #naturelover #beachworkout

  • 13 October at 10:38 from facebook

    I heard this saying when I was 13, really struggling with my self confidence, feeling bullied and trying to fit in so that kids at school would stop saying unkind things about me... then I heard this!